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T i m e . . .

the universal measurement of lifeís progression . . . age.


N a t u r e . . .

a precious gift . . . transient in itís beauty when subjected to time.†††††††††


The Oil Paintings of

J E A N N E†† I L L E N Y E††† ††† C a p t u r i n g†† N a t u r e ' s†† T r a n s i e n t†† B e a u t y


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Artist Statement

It is the common things that are most often taken for granted† -- the fruit and flowers of our daily sustenance -- nourishment for body and soul, respectively.†† These are delicate and fleeting gifts.†† Through my work, I elicit a greater appreciation for their beauty by elevating them to the forefront of the observerís attention.†† While my paintings isolate a particular moment in time, it is through the details -- a browning, torn leaf, the curling of a dried petal, a broken stem, bruised fruit, dewdrops -- that I evoke a sense of transience in Natureís beauty.†† I take the observer through many phases of growth from bud to blossom, ripening fruit to withering vine -- life and death and ultimately, rebirth of spirit, for within this beauty we find comfort and peace.